Sport & Nature

Do you know what is the nice thing about staying in Versilia?

That satisfies and satisfies everyone. The luck of having both sea and mountains nearby makes our territory unique.

We have the mountains within reach, why not consider them?

For nature and sport lovers, the Hotel Le Giraffe has been structured to accompany you and make you discover the wonders of the Apuan Alps and other wonderful routes close to us: the green of the Apuan Alps Park, the dunes of the Migliarino Park , San Rossore.

Always accompanied by an expert guide through itineraries of unique beauty for unrepeatable emotions.


It is the new revolutionary discipline that allows everyone to win the most difficult gradients without difficulty with the bicycle, you ride normally as in the plains and you find yourself at the top of the peaks of the Apuan Alps.

Accompanied by expert guides in daily or multi-day excursions for people of all ages, with bicycles with pedal assistance, cycling routes, plains and mountains, paths, mule tracks, dirt roads and forest roads, of cultural value, landscape and naturalistic.

Back Touring

Incredible but true you climb on foot quickly back down into the valley for roads and trails on two wheels, on a light carbon backC6 Accompanied by expert guides on breathtaking trails, group tours are practiced for people of all ages, with a new extraordinary means the (BackC6 total weight back + backpack kg.5), which allows you to follow the uphill paths in a comfortable backpack walking, and descend on bike paths for more than a thousand meters in a few minutes. Pure fun with the possibility of alternating two activities in one exit.



Exciting sports practice that leads us to travel routes in the bed of mountain streams.

In a succession of rocks and water games, expert guides will lead you downhill along gorges carved into the rock, where streams of water generally run with limited range and steep slope. A new way to rediscover for adults and young people a rich and uncontaminated nature while having fun in complete safety.



Discovering the most beautiful natural environments of Tuscany, practicing sports and outdoor activities with the help of expert guides in the natural environment and mountains, we offer a guided escort service on itineraries in the territory ideal for those who want to walk and discover new forms of life and emotions.

We organize excursions with particular regard to the cultural, landscape, geological and faunistic, vegetational aspects. Walking is a natural activity, spontaneous and accessible to everyone.

A trek comes from the desire for discovery and knowledge, but also escape, contact with nature less anthropized walking for one or more days, through paths, mule tracks or streets and experiencing the unique experience of sleeping in a forest, in a tent .

A Trekking on the paths of the Apuan Alps, you will not forget it anymore!